Saturday, November 28, 2009

work work work...

Well since we sold about half of all of our items over the weekend, we have been working really hard making more new necklaces.

Guess what?! We now have little girls bracelets.  Cute little bracelets with a little charm and a swarovski crystal.  We have a craft show on December 6th for more info, but since we have a family fair on the December 12th we had to make something for the little girls. Oh yeah can't forget the craft show on December 20th as well...

We have been working really hard on all of our new items i think total we have 11 new necklaces, 7 new pairs of earrings, 7 bracelets - as of right now.

So since my finger hurt, i'm calling it a night!  I know my sister probably feels the same way :)

We'll have pictures and up and running hopefully by tomorrow

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