Who Does That?!

“We are two sisters, Dionne and Claire, from Chicago who are behind Auviana. The name Auviana came from our three children names (Austin, Vivian and Gianna = Auviana) who although keep us very busy are also a big part in our inspiration. We have always been into all sorts of crafts and decided to take the plunge into jewelry and wanted to take it to etsy and try our hand at selling our designs. September 1st 2010 marked our 1 year anniversary with Auviana and designing jewelry.”
“We can’t quite say that we have a particular design style because we are constantly trying to incorporate many different techniques and materials, such as feathers, fabric, leather and gemstones, into our work; to keep it unique and fresh. We want our jewelry to be one-of-a-kind and original yet affordable and versatile. I can say a lot of our inspiration does come from stories, songs or poems. We try to find the romance behind it and create with that inspiration.”