Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bead Swap

If you haven't checked out this website Etsypreneur you are missing out ;)

Etsypreneur is a new website that is bringing together Etsy shop owners.
There are so many groups and forums, and amazing people to meet.
The website is growing and so are the groups and forums.

In one of my groups Jewelry Designers there has been a topic created for a bead swap!  I've never been apart of a bead swap with other Jewelry shop owners.  If you don't know already, Auviana has two sets of creative hands behind it.  My sister and I both create the jewelry that Auviana sells.  So the only bead swapping i've done is with my sister.  The only problem I have with swapping with my sister, is that we purchase our beads from the same shops (which are amazing shops btw) and we like and buy the same beads.  So its kind of hard to swap beads with someone who has the same beads haha!

 I am extremely excited to be apart of this bead swap on Etsypreneur!  It will be so much fun getting new beads, it brings a new inspiration and ideas.  Especially when you receive beads that you wouldn't normally buy.

The rules of the bead swap are located in the Jewelry Designer group

Hope some of you join the website and also join in on the swap.


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