Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vintage Inspiration

With so much going on in my life the past weeks, i've been feeling a little uninspired.

I posted on my facebook page that "I need inspiration" and got a few comments back.

  • One of the comments was to get a good nights sleep - I've done that...i even took a nap today :)
  • Another comment was to look in magazines - I haven't done that because my husband threw out all my magazines :\
  • The one comment that got me thinking was doing a "20's 30's 40's theme" - That started the wheels turning in my head (which is a great thing, since sometimes the wheels don't turn lol)

So I started thinking about those era's and how much I adore the fashion from that time.  I've always said I was born in the wrong era!  So here's the inspiration...

Lucille Ball

 Ann Sothern

 Greta Garbo

Lupe Velez

Betty Page

Jean Harlow

Now, I need to do something with it...


  1. Great post! Were you able to get inspired and out of your funk?

  2. Thanks! Yes i actually feel like i'm out of my funk...although i just haven't had time to create anything lol go figure! But i do have a few designs in my head! thanks for reading