Wednesday, January 26, 2011

[Featured] First Light Photography

Our first post featuring a very talented etsy shop


I came across this wonderful etsy shop a while ago and had to favorite it. I recently went through her shop and just fell in love with her photos all over again.  I'm not a photographer but I can appreciate a great photo.

Her pictures give you a feeling, just like a favorite book.  When you put it down you still have those feelings and emotions of being apart of the story.  Her pictures are like that - for me.  They speak...they're telling a story.

The picture's depth of field allows you to focus solely on its main subject and not their distracting background...because thats not what the story is about.  And with that she's able to catch all that with her beautiful pictures.

All the pictures have a serene well as a romantic feel without stating the obvious.

Go ahead and take a look at her shop.  You won't be disappointed.

*all images belong to First Light Photography*

Links to her sites:

Thank you Sue!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I can not thank you enough!
    I am honored by your blog about my shop and you've written just how they feel when I look at them.
    Thank you for liking my photography and this fabulous blog post. I will post this on my FB page for you!