Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Whats new...

On one of my treasure hunting trips, I found these!
My addiction to pocket watches keeps me in search of any and all that I can find.
I also found these beautiful crystals.
Aren't they pretty!?

I've listed a few new items in the shop.

2011 has been a crazy year for us.  We hit our 2 year anniversary and then we announced we were closing up shop.  Our personal lives had us in some awkward places.  Claire became very ill and was hospitalized twice this year.  I had a major knee surgery and was couch bound for some months.  Claire is working on getting herself better as well as smarter lol she has started school again.  So she has decided to put Auviana on a back burner.  But I couldn't stay away.  I'm still recovering from my knee surgery and will most likely need another surgery but i've decided to start creating again.

Right now I am not sure where i'm going to take Auviana - but I just wanted to get my hands and brain working again.

I've got some work ahead of me but I want to thank everyone who has stuck with us.

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