Saturday, November 12, 2011

Getting Dirty!

It's been a while since I've posted...thought i'd stop in say hello and show you some new stuff.
So much has been going on outside of Auviana'land that everything has kind of been put on hold.
I am hoping to get back on track and get this on the move again!


I love getting my hands dirty!
 The workings of these pocket watches are just fantastic!  All the little gears, coils, screws, pins and everything else that makes up these little working machines, amaze me.

I have some pretty old pocket watches some dating to the mid 1800's  They are in great shape - i just can't bring myself to take them apart.  I also have some older watches that are extremely small - i can't seem to get those apart!

I wanted to share this cleaning of this brass pocket watch.
This bad boy gave me an extremely hard time.  The insides DID NOT want to come out.
But I won!


I also wanted to share a couple of my latest creations.
These will be listed to etsy sometime soon

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