Monday, January 10, 2011

Vote for Auviana

We've entered our Vintage pocket watch pendant into a contest!

The contest theme was New Beginnings.  So i thought perfect! What better way to show a "new beginning" is to use this old non working vintage pocket watch.....

Vintage Pocket Watch Pendant
"New Beginnings Pocketwatch Collage" I love everything vintage. I especially love pocket watches. I think that these amazing pieces need "new beginnings". Some of the most beautiful pieces are hidden within the clock. I love the idea of these non-working pieces who were thrown away, are now beautiful pendants and are worn today! So I took apart this vintage pocket watch, filled it with ice resin and used several layers to float the gears of the watch. I've added a Vintaj clock hand, a Swarovski crystal and a small Vintaj washer at the end for a little extra.

Head over to the Vintaj blog and vote for us!

Thanks for all the support!

Oh btw - we just sold this pocket watch today!!!

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  1. wow.... i love this!!! gorgeous!!!!! oh i want one...haha